Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Komen Walk & Rolling Over

Just a quick post so that I can get some recent pictures posted. Several people have asked for pictures from our most recent charity walk, the 11th Annual Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure. For those of you not in Saint Louis, it had over 66,000 participants and broke a record. Our next walk is in July and is the MLB All-Star walk. Jacob, Nonna and I walked with our friends Nicki and Daniel.
Here are a few pictures:

Before the walk began - Daniel and Jacob all ready to go!

A picture during the walk. Those are all people up the hill towards the arch!

At the end of the walk - Daniel and Jacob exhausted after riding along for 5k!!

Me and Jacob at the end of the 5k - Mom is tired too!

The other big news is that Jacob has rolled over for the first time. He was one day shy of 5 months... although no one has actually seen it yet. He was playing on the floor on his back when I ran into the kitchen to put dinner in the oven. I came back about 2 minutes later and he was on his stomach. I'm using this as my excuse not to cook anymore!

This is as close to rolling over as we've seen. For the record, this is him laying on his back going to his stomach - he's so close!! Notice the thumb in his mouth (that's his new favorite thing)!

Such a happy little guy . . . most of the time!!