Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 2009

A quick post to get some new pictures out there and give everyone an update on how Jacob is feeling. A lot of you have e-mailed or called and we appreciate it very much!

Jacob recently got solid food for the first time. Don't tell Dr. Hanson it was a few weeks before he was 6 months old. This was the first and last time we gave it a shot. We are going to try again now that he is 6 months (well one day shy). As you can see from the pictures - he was excited at first and then decided it wasn't really all that great!

He's loving to stand up!

And play outside!

And play with his ExerSaucer! He loves that the entire cow fits in his mouth.

Jacob and Nonna at his first trip to Zestos! Don't worry no Chili Dogs for him!

Here's where the fun begins (not really). Jacob started to feel sick 3 weeks ago. We went to the doctor and were diagnosed with a virus that was causing a rash. He has fought it off-and-on since then and this past Sunday he started to feel really bad. He was running a very high fever (104+) and couldn't keep anything down. Long story short we ended up at the hospital. After many tests that came back perfectly normal, we have an unofficial diagnosis of a "super virus" coupled with an ear infection and high fevers. He's a little better now but we went through a few sleepless nights (still struggling to get a full nights sleep). He finally broke his high fevers today and was able to keep down 2 small bottles. We're hoping he is turning the corner and we're headed to wellness. As an additional note, in the midst of all the tests the past week we did get a confirmation he has reflux (not a huge surprise to mom and dad) and we'll be seeing a specialist for that next week. For now it's one thing at a time!
Below are a few pictures of our little guy trying to get well!
(Just as a side note, I do wash his clothes - the short sleeved sleeper works well with IVs and is comfortable when you are sick).

Jacob and Nonna waiting for the dr to come make him better!

Jacob and mom waiting to get the okay to go home! Before it was all over he had IV's in both arms.. but was a real trooper!

Jacob and Daddy at the hospital trying to rest while watching the Home Run Derby!
(we're not sure which one is the patient)

Back at home getting some TLC from Daddy (this was taken today). This is pretty much the amont of energy he has had over the past week ... and I'm talking about Jacob not Daddy.
Jacob spent the afternoon getting TLC from Uncle Ryan too (also today)
Thank you all for your prayers and support. This small experience with doctors and hospitals makes us realize how blessed we are to have a normally happy and healthy little boy.