Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi everyone! I can not believe that Jacob will be 8 months old in 4 days. It seems very unreal! Jacob is busy, busy, busy... he is everywhere!! I honestly don't know if there is anywhere he can't get once he has his mind set he wants to get there (as I type this he is trying to get into the kitchen through a wall).

He is also really close to crawling but right now does more of a shuffle . Looks nothing like the Beffa shuffle Dad does when he dances!! Jake pretty much rolls everywhere he wants to get to right now. He can also sit himself up now (he has to really want something bad to do this though). He can also pull himself up on his play table... and as we learned last night, he can also pull himself up in his crib. He also loves to walk if you hold his hands. I am afraid that once he figures out how to walk on his own we are in big trouble.

Matt and I have been working a lot so we haven't had the opportunity to do too much the past few weeks/weekends. However, we did make it to the park and some pictures from that trip and a few others are below.

Our next big event will be driving 16 hours to San Antonio at the end of the month to see Uncle Ryan's graduation from the US Air Force. We have heard from him several times and write letters back and forth a few times each week (of course we include lots of pictures of Jake). We are getting really excited to see Uncle Ryan in less than 3 weeks... not so excited for the very long car ride with an 8 month old!
Hope everyone is doing well.. here are some recent pictures.

Happy Playing on the floor! Such a ham he stops whatever he's doing when he sees the camera and smiles :)

Showing off!!
Showing off some more! He's always busy doing something!

After he pulled himself up .. not a great quality picture (I hear a new camera calling my name)!

This is how he sleeps at night.. butt as far up in the air as possible.

Nonna gave him Daddy's toy... the remote! He wasn't letting go of it for anything!
At the park... swinging with Dad.
At first he wasn't sure about the swing but really started to like it by the end.