Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home.. For Now

Hi everyone! I've finally found my camera cords to download some recent pics. So the move is over now and it was not fun at all. We have way too much stuff (and I think our friends would agree). It's amazing how fast it all accumulates. We are currently living at my moms until we decide where we are moving. Most likely we will be moving into a new construction house in Cottleville but are still working out some details. I'm pretty sure Nonna loves Jacob staying here but Matt and I may be a different story :) We are looking very forward to a new house that we will be in for a VERY long time. I think we are all done with this moving thing.

Jacob has adjusted very well and is also now off formula for the most part. He still has a night bottle but only until we finish this can of formula. He's been relatively well lately with a running 3 weeks without dr appointments! Below are some recent pics - Enjoy!
Getting so big!

One of his favorite things to do - spread the newspaper all over the house!

Jacob's idea of helping to pack.. YUM!
Loved playing in the boxes

He carries around any towel/blanket that he can get his hands on

Last picture of the old house

Last trip at the old house for Jacob - where did all the stuff go? This is in our newly finished basement that we never really got to enjoy (sorry Matt).

Carrying around his 'weapon' still looking for all the furniture

All our stuff at my mom house - this is the living room - can't you tell?
This is the dining room - the single garage is filled up too. Seriously where does all this stuff come from?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craziness Continues

Things have been super crazy and calmer at the same time. Jacob seems to be doing better illness wise. He certainly has his ups and downs still. I would love to say that we haven't been to the dr recently but that's not the case. We did make it 1 week but it was more that we refused to take him in rather than him being well. He also went to the dr last Saturday for what we all (including the nurse in the family) swore was the start of another abscess. The dr on call had no idea what it was but said he was 'kinda confident' it wasn't an abscess. To say the least we didn't leave there feeling warm and fuzzy. The spot on his arm did go down over the next few days so I guess he was semi-right.

Jake ventured out on Super Bowl Sunday for a few hours to play with friends. He, of course, quickly came down with a cold and cough shortly after. Poor guy just can't catch a break!

Our only truly exciting news is that OUR HOUSE SOLD!! We are super excited to be moving but it's happening pretty quickly. We are moving on Saturday into my mom's house. Yep, you heard it right - I'm moving back home. Jacob is doing to love to live with Nonna and her goal is that he never wants to leave. Matt and I are still trying to make a final decision between new construction (where we've already written a contingent contract) and buying an existing house. Obviously, neither will happen in the next 4 days so we'll be leaving with my mom in the meantime.

I'll get some pictures up quickly - once I find my camera cord in the countless boxes it could be in! Hope everyone is doing well... if you're bored this Saturday we have a box calling your name :)