Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was great. We had some laid-back days and some busy days which made it great too. We spent Saturday and Sunday with friends and Jacob was exhausted after playing hard. He is still recovering from pneumonia but is doing well.
On Monday we decided to go to the park for some fun and then to get some ice cream. It was Jacob's first time at Ted Drewes and I think we have another loyal follower in the family!!

Jacob and Daddy at the park

Getting ready to go down the slide

Jacob loves going down the slide.. honestly, he wasn't to into the rest of the park. The slide and playing in the mulch were definately the highlights for him.

Not quite sure if he liked the swing.. it only lasted about 2 minutes and he wanted out. He's been on a swing before but didn't seem into it this time

Jacob woke up in the middle of the night on 'dad's night' so Daddy was trying to rest his eyes. Too bad Jacob wasn't having it - he wanted to play with his Daddy.

Getting ready to enjoy Ted Drewes.. Jacob has no idea what he's about ready to eat!

Playing in the back of the car and lovin' the ice cream!

Close up of the little monster! If you could see his mouth it would show mommy, daddy and Nonna's ice cream. Little guy loved them all!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Doctors Appoitments

So today was the big day...

Matt, Jacob, Nonna and I went to the OB today and found out we have another little stubborn one on our hands. Baby was face down in the breach position with the legs straight up by the head. We couldn't get many good views and baby wasn't budging at all! The tech couldn't get all of the anatomy so we'll be going back in about a month to see more.. she did see one important thing though... Baby Beffa #2 is a GIRL!!!

Yep, Jacob is going to have a baby sister in October. He has no idea what's about to hit him!

Jacob also went to the doctor today. He has had a cough for about 2 weeks now and even though it seemed to be better today I decided we better get him in to see Dr. Bob. Of course, in true Jacob style, he has pneumonia! Dr said the right lung was pretty bad and he didn't even need an x-ray to confirm. We are on medicine now so hopefully he will start to feel better soon.

The dr also diagnosed the blisters that Jacob has on his feet as a form of eczema. He will never grow out of it and open shoes are the only thing he can wear right now. We'll be pointing this out to the dermatologist at our next visit as well..

Hope this baby girl knows what she is getting into - The Beffa house is full of drama and she need not feel the need to create her own!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Zoo May 2010

This past week Matt and I both took some time off work and we took Jacob to the St. Louis Zoo. We took him there last fall and he slept through the majority of the day. This time was much different and Jacob LOVED it.
He did think everything was either a 'kitty' or a 'dog'. The bigger animals (including the elephants) were dogs and the little ones were a kitty. The only thing that stumped him was the fish. The highlight of Jacob's day was definitely the carousel. He loved riding it and thought he was hot stuff riding up so high. He had so much fun he was exhausted when we left and fell asleep before we even got to the car.
Can't wait for our next trip!! Below are a few pics from our day!

Jacob petting the goats! He loved them and wanted to pet each one.

Jacob playing in the children's zoo.

Obviously Jacob didn't find it as fun to sit on the frog as I thought he would. Had to keep the pic though.

Family shot on the train at the zoo!

Jacob and mommy at the penguin house. As you can see he really liked it in there because the penguin's get so close. There is one swimming in the water in this picture and he got to touch them as they did their flips in the water.

Jacob and mommy on the carousel - definitely his favorite part!

Right before he fell asleep - this is right outside the zoo. By the time we walked to the history museum to get to the car he was out!

It was also mommy's b-day this weekend and Jacob helped mom open her presents. He did so much better than at Christmas or his Birthday. He's gonna be ready for this Christmas!
Jacob and great-grandma Bayerl reading books

Jacob and Nonna reading books

Enjoying a cupcake for mom's birthday! He ate it all - and then proceeded to throw it all up (on great-grandma Bayerl) a few minutes later.. YUMMY!

Reading books with Great-Grandpa Bayerl. As you can tell, reading is one of Jacob's favorite things to do.

Jacob's little personality..

It's been a while since my last post and several people have asked when I would get updated pictures posted.. SORRY! Things have been crazy around here.

Jake had surgery in late April to clear out his tear ducts. Both ducts were clogged but now they seem to be doing better. He's growing quickly and getting quite the personality. He thinks he is very funny most of the time and laughs out loud at himself. He also loves to sing.. it's more of a la, la, la but he thinks he's cool. He also likes to dance .. even at commercials.

We have been trying to teach him where the baby is so now he thinks everyone has a baby in their tummy. He will gladly lift your shirt and say 'baby' to anyone who will let him. Not always a good thing!
Baby Beffa #2 is due to arrive sometime around Oct 11, 2010. Jacob will learn tomorrow (Monday) if he is going to have a baby sister or a baby brother. I'll be sure to post a quick update once we learn the sex. Also, our new house will be finished in early June and we close on June 11th... just in time for uncle Ryan to come visit from his base in Vegas :)

Here are some random posts of our little one and his BIG personality!!
Much to Dad's disappointment, Jacob shares mom's passion for nice things. Here he is at Grandma Beffa's house wearing her coach purse.
Jacob with his friend (and future wife) Reese. He was trying to take good care of her while she cried and give her all the toys that are by her chair. He also tried to give Reese her binkie - he definately wouldn't give up his own however.

Being silly while eating some bread - one of his favorite things!

Again being silly while having his shirt off!

Playing with blocks while ensuring he keeps his tape close by (on his wrist). He loves to wear this tape or painters tape like a bracelet - or more like an arm band.

1 second before the meltdown because mom wanted him to sit on the couch (instead of standing)..

And the meltdown begins...

And it's over a second later when he stands back up.. it's amazing how fast he can turn it off and on!