Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter seemed to sneak up on us this year but the Easter Bunny certainly didn't forget Jacob.

We had a busy day planned and started with Jacob playing with the toys the bunny brought to Nonna's house.

Jacob got golf clubs, a basket ball net, a cozy coupe (from Nonna) and a basket full of small goodies. Funny how when the Easter Bunny is pressed for time he ends up buying more than he originally intended :)

Jacob thinking about pulling those golf clubs out and using them as weapons.. the thought turned into reality shortly after. Look at that crazy hair too!

Jacob with his first slinky.. he loves it.. and it was $1!

Trying to get into the cozy coupe for the first time.. doesn't quite have it down in this picture.

Finally figured out how to get in..

Now he has it!! Look at those feet up on the dash! Already chillin'
Next stop was Uncle Tim's and Aunt DeAnna's for brunch and an egg hunt with the Beffa clan.

I normally try not to put pictures of other kids (due to possible parent's concerns) in Jake's blog but this one is too cute. Jacob watching the dog with his cousin.

Hanging out with Grandpa Beffa

Taking after Daddy! Lovin' soccer!
Last stop was Grandpa & Grandma Bayerl's house for late lunch/dinner and an egg hunt.

Grandpa Bayerl hid Jake's eggs really good.. but he found this one in the flowers!

Not sure why but I love this pic..

Taking a walk with Grandma Bayerl and cousin's before heading home.
Jacob has a great time playing with cousin's all day and enjoying two Easter egg hunts. Thanks to our all family for a great day.

Spring Fling

We are very lucky to participate in Parents as Teachers and absolutely love our parent educator, Kristen. We are very sad that once we move into the new house we will lose her and can only hope that Francis Howell has just as wonderful educators!

Parents as Teacher's offers many programs throughout the year, one of which is Spring Fling. They had lots of activities and toys for Jacob to play with and an Easter Bunny to visit. Below are some pictures from his visit this year.

Jacob LOVED the pool full of balls. He threw a huge fit when we had to leave to see the Easter Bunny! I'm thinking of making one of our own if it keeps him occupied this summer.

Surprisingly Jacob liked the Easter Bunny - he did keep calling it a 'kitty' though. He kept saying "kitty soft"... we have 3 cats now that we live with Nonna and Jake thinks everything is a kitty.

After we played and saw the bunny we took a long walk around the park. Jacob and Daddy were taking a walk and Jake kept turning around to make sure I was coming.. very cute!

He loved the flowers

And loved running around free.. he is such a cutie!

Then he started getting too close to the water.. it was near bed time anyway so we took it as a sign it was time to go home! He would have walked right in the water if I wouldn't have stopped him.