Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Things are getting a little crazier here. Matt and I are both busy at work and we have finally decided to pull the trigger and try to move. We will be listing our house in a few weeks (after the very long list of to-do's are done) so if you know of anyone interested in a great house in north O'Fallon send them my way.
Jacob has finally mastered the art of rolling over. He goes and goes until he gets where he wants to go. We are still waiting for teeth though.

We are also loving his sleep schedule right now. He goes to sleep around 8pm and is sleeping until 7am or later. He is also getting better about naps during the day (it's only taken 7 months).

Jacob also lost his reign of the youngest Beffa grandchild this month. He has a new baby cousin (#13 on the Beffa side), Lydia Sophia. We are so excited for Todd and Katie!
Hope everyone is doing well.. here's some recent pics

Jacob with Nonna and Uncle Ryan. Ryan left in early August for Basic Training in the Air Force and we are counting the days until October when we are all going to San Antonio for his graduation!

Jacob chillin' at Pi, getting ready to have fabulous pizza!

Jacob with Daddy at his first Rascals game... he wasn't too interested in the game.

Favorite game in the bath - wash rags on the head!!

Such a big boy!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6-Month Update

Jacob turned 6-Months old on July 16th. He is doing lots of new things!! He likes baby food a lot, especially bananas, and hates green beans. He is sitting up now and is quickly becoming an expert with only a few falls. He is also becoming much more interactive with his toys and loves picking them up and throwing them down again.

He still doesn't roll over very often but can definitely do it. Occasionally, we find him on his tummy in his crib and we promptly turn him over when we discover it! Just another reason to lie awake at night!

He went to the dr and he is in the 50% for weight and 90%-95% for height. He also got another round of shots this time and did great because the doctor elected to skip the Pertussis shot.

Overall, he is doing great and growing so quickly it's truly amazing!! Below are his 6-month pictures.

'Staycation' 2009

A few weeks ago Miss Kim was on vacation so we decided to take a 'staycation' in St. Louis and experience some of the things we don't get to do often. Mom stayed home all week and dad was able to join us on Thursday and Friday.

Jacob is feeling 100% better now and as you can tell from the pictures - he was better during our 'staycation' and is having a lot of fun.

Below is Jacob loving his food now! He is having fruits and veggies and loves almost anything but hates green beans... surprise, surprise! It must run in the family! We took Jacob to the St. Charles Riverfront, ate lunch and walked on by the river. Below are pictures from our day.

Our big adventure for Tuesday was going to Columbia MO and eating at Booche's. We went with Great Grandpa and Grandma Bayerl and Uncle Ryan. We had a GREAT time!!
Jacob and Uncle Ryan

Mom and Jacob at Booche's

Grandpa on the way home... sleeping just like Jacob with one exception.. Jacob shares his candy!

On Thursday we went downtown to the City Gardens. It was nice that some of the Arches from the All Star Game were still up (and for sale if anyone is interested). Pictures below...

Only family shot.. thanks to the random lady who offered!

Jacob enjoyed dipping his feet in the water - not that you can tell from his face!

He loved playing with dad and the fountains!

After the City Gardens we wanted to play in the water. Since Jacob has been sick he hadn't had a chance to go to the pool yet... so pool bound we were. This was his first time and he really liked it.. although I couldn't put him down and the water was FREEZING!
During all our fun time we had to take time out to go see the GI specialist for Jacob's reflux. He was put on medicine that we are trying for 60 days and then we have to go back to the dr. If it doesn't work they are going to try a medicine that is not FDA approved in little ones... obviously we are avoiding that step if at all possible. He is doing better at not holding is breathe while it happens so we are making some progress.

We also spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Beffa. Below is a picture of Jacob playing with Grandpa!