Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jacob's First Metal

Jacob recently spent a few days with Nonna and Uncle Ryan while Matt and I went to Vegas for a long weekend before I went back to work. We went with good friends and had a great time but were very excited to get back and see our little boy! When we saw him it seemed as though he had grown so much in just a few days.

Jacob won his first metal by crossing the finish line at the Friends of Kids with Cancer charity walk on Saturday, April 25th. He enjoyed seeing the firetrucks and bear that was at the event to celebrate the day! Nonna and Uncle Ryan also walked with us.

As you can tell Jacob is VERY excited about his first metal!!

Me and Nonna (my mom)

Matt & Uncle Ryan

He has really started to suck his fingers.. not just the thumb but anything that he an get into his mouth. He prefers at least 2 fingers at a time!!

Because of the nice weather Jacob is now able to be outside more and we're looking forward to more days of fresh air and good naps!! He has started going to the babysitter and does really well at Miss Kim's house. He loves playing with the other kids and we've finally started to follow a routine (somewhat). One thing we need to improve on is sleeping through the nights... he has started waking up again around 4am!! Hopefully next time I post we'll have broken that habit!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

The last few weeks have been very busy for us. Jacob has started to sleep through the night most of the time (we still have the occasional bottle at 3am). He really loves the swing, the bouncer chair and laying under his play mat. He can keep himself very content for a long time but when it's time to eat - he lets us all know it!!

Jacob got his 3 month pictures taken on Good Friday and did very well. We even managed to get in a few smiles! Nonna gave him a huskers shirt to show off his Nebraska spirit (Dad is cringing)!!

Jacob saw the Easter Bunny with his friend Daniel but he was a little tired! We celebrated Easter with the Beffa family a week early and Jacob enjoyed spending time with his cousins! Easter with my family was on Easter Sunday and Jacob received a basket full of eggs from the Easter bunny (thanks to Dad who found the eggs).

Jacob on Easter with all the grandkids/great-grandkids (and Grandma & Grandpa) in the Bayerl family!

Jacob also started going to the babysitter this week. It's been hard on mom but doesn't seem to have had much of an impact on Jacob. Of course, I know that it will get easier with time but I can't believe how fast the past 13 weeks have gone. I go back to work next week so that will be another adjustment for all of us.

Here's a few more recent pics...

He woke up with a little mowhawk!

This is the only way he will sleep in his crib during the day.. in his bouncer in the crib!

Looking very grown-up :(