Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sickness Update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to give everyone an update on Jacob. He is doing 1000% better. We had a rough start to the week but it finished much better. Jacob was having trouble keeping down food and medicine for the better part of the week so on Thursday the dr finally changed medicines. This one seems to be going a lot better - gotta love grape flavored medicine.

He's starting to act just like the old Jake. He does get tired easily and is taking several naps (some really long) during the day. We could get used to this.

We even ventured outside on Sunday, this was the first time he had been out of the house since leaving the hospital, to get pictures taken. We still need to be very careful with germs and what he is exposed to but we also need to slowly expose him to germs as well. He still will not be able to go to the babysitter for a few more weeks.
Please continue to pray that his immune system slowly builds back up and we don't catch any sickness in the next few weeks.

Family Shot

Not quite sure about these blocks.. or the pictures for that matter.

All smiles now

Not sure why they had a log there but we went with it

Such a cutie.. wouldn't even know that less than a week ago he was so sick.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doctors and Diagnosis

Now for the bad part of November. We've all been through a lot in the past few days. Here's a summary of what has happened with our little one since last Friday.

On Thursday night Jacob started acting really crabby. We assumed it was teething since he wasn't running a fever. He moaned and cried off and on all night. Matt started getting him dressed at 7:15am and noticed a large mass on his stomach. He called me at work and I quickly called the doctors office. The doctor wanted to see him immediately thinking he had a hernia.

When Matt got to our pediatrician he immediately found out it was much more serious. Jacob has an abscess in his abdominal wall that needed emergency surgery. Matt and Jacob were sent directly to St. John's Children's hospital. Our pediatrician called and let them know we were on our way and alerted the surgeon. I met them there.

The emergency department (ED) doctor decided to drain the abscess in the room to culture the fluid. Jacob was screaming in pain and it was very difficult to get the IV in. They also drew blood. We quickly learned his white blood cell count was four times what it should be. We were admitted and the surgeon came for the consult. The surgeon did not feel that the surgery could be done on Friday because the ED drained too much fluid and the surgery would be too difficult. We would have to wait for the next day.

Picture from the ED

Overnight the abscess got larger and the infection spread. When our Pediatrician came in the next morning learned the infection was septic and had spread to the blood, this was the worst case scenario from the night before. The surgeon came up around 10am and we were set for surgery in 20 minutes. At around 11am they cut two small holes in Jacob's abdomen about 1 inch apart and inserted a drain that would stay in.

Saturday we also learned the infection was strep and staph. We got back to our room after surgery and got the first dose of the very powerful antibiotic to fight the infection in the blood. Jacob had an allergic reaction to it (called red man's syndrome) and after a bit of drama the nurses got that under control. He would need to be pre-medicated before receiving it going forward. We had also been on morphine because the pain was so high but Jacob started itching so bad his eyes were swelling so we quit that and moved to Tylenol with codeine. They also confirmed he had cellulites (very painful) around the abscess.

This was immediately before the surgery. Pain meds were obviously not working.

After pain meds started working

The next day we learned the original cultures had been contaminated and we would have to wait one more day to determine if the 'best-guess' antibiotics were the right ones. This was Sunday and we had what we were calling a 'chill-out' day. We had lots of visitors and appreciated every one's support and prayers so much!! At this point, something was working because Jacob was much more comfortable. He was even smiling. At this point, mom and dad could breath again.
This was Sunday.. there was a LOT of wagon rides while we were in the hospital. It was the only thing that stopped the crabbiness and screaming. Jacob LOVED riding in the wagon. The floor we were on was pretty small so we went around in circles .. over and over!

More Sunday pictures... starting to feel better. Standing on his own! The day before he wouldn't even sit up on his own. Very sad :(

Feeling better still.. visiting with Grandma Beffa
Overnight, Jacob decided he wanted to go home and created yet again more drama by ripping out his IV. The nurses didn't fall for it and he got a new one at 2:30 in the morning in the opposite hand. Nice try little one!! We are really starting to wonder what he's going to be like as a toddler - or worse a teenager!

On Monday the drs came in and confirmed that the infection was also MRSA. It's an infection that is highly resistant to some antibiotics. At this point we had a sign put on our door saying we were in isolation and gloves and gowns must be worn.

However, we also got good news that the 'best-guess' medicines were the right ones. The pediatrician wanted us out of the hospital as soon as possible because of the risk of respiratory infection. Jacob's immune system certainly could not handle anything more. The surgeon came and removed the drains. There was a few conditions of our release (both mine and the doctors). Before we could even go home Jacob had to keep down a bottle (my condition). He hadn't been eating well. As of 4pm on Monday he had kept down 1 bottle so we were going home. We also had to be on antibiotics at home and we will have daily dr visits (drs conditions).

Monday - Jacob with Nonna before isolation playing in the play room.

Last wagon ride before going home.. looking better still. This ride was in our room bc we were in isolation by this point. Amazing how that works.. okay to be in the hall one minute - the next you are confined to your room but nothing has really changed.
The story doesn't end there.. We got home and Jacob proceeded to throw up the bottle he had at the hospital and his first dose of antibiotic. He went to bed and slept well but woke up with a dry diaper.
Today he took his first bottle and dose of antibiotic fine. We went to the doctor this morning and they think that he has C-diff. It's a virus that he possibly picked up in the hospital - it proved the doctor's point about leaving the hospital asap. We are waiting on the test results before knowing anything else. However, he did throw up the rest of the doses of antibiotic throughout the day.
We definitely know he's not feeling well - he's just not our little Jake. It's very sad to see your little one in pain and going through all he has gone through in the last 5 days. He sure is a tough little boy.
We can't say enough about the wonderful doctors and nurses that cared for Jacob while he was in the hospital. We truly had the best care. Our , pediatrician Dr. Bob (Hoffman) is the best. He was highly recommended to us but you never know how great they are until you go through something like this. If there is a lesson to take away I would say be sure your dr goes to the hospital and doesn't leave you in the hands of the hospital doctor. I'm sure they are highly qualified but nothing is better than knowing the face that walks in at 5:30 am to give orders and who you will see post-hospital.
We appreciate all the prayers, visits, phone calls, balloons, toys and everything else everyone has done for us. Please keep the prayers coming we have a long way to go!!

Parties, Milk Shakes and Goats

November started off great. We had Jacob's friend Daniel's first birthday.

Happy Birthday Daniel!!
The boys had a great time riding in the wagon Daniel got for his birthday.. little did we know we would have much more opportunities for wagon riding very soon.

We also took at trip to Crown Candy and the zoo. Jacob wasn't a big fan of the zoo. He was awake for about 5 minutes while we visited the goats and then he was asleep the rest of the time. He did like the chocolate milk shake at Crown Candy.
Jacob getting ready to eat his milk shake!

The only time Jake was awake at the zoo- he couldn't have cared less about the goats. I guess he's still too young. Better luck next year!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Jacob and Daddy before getting ready. Jacob was super excited and happy!!

Ready to go Trick or Treating.. Jacob was a monkey. Very fitting since he wants to climb everything!!

Our first 'trick or treater' was Jacob's friend Daniel... or should I say Elmo. The boys had a good time playing and even shared their treats!

When Elmo left we were off to Great Grandpa & Grandma Bayerl's. Jacob got his first cookies with sprinkles. He was immediately convinced they were good stuff!

Next we were off to Grandma and Grandpa Beffa's. In all the Halloween excitement we forgot to get a picture with Grandma and Grandpa... but Aunt Terri dressed back up in her Octomom costume for us. Look at all those babies!!

Off to Nonna's. By this time we were bribing him with yogurt bites. It had already been a long day but we got more places to go..

Last stop, to see Jacob's cousins Lydia (flower) and Ella (princess). Such cute little girls!

Another picture of Monkey Boy!

Look at that tail! He did great in his costume and kept it on pretty much all day.. even in the car seat. I was shocked at how little the hood bothered him.

Family Picture

Also, we wanted to let everyone know that Jacob's surgery last Tuesday for tubes went great and there were no complications. He still had a bad ear infection when they went in but they cleaned it out while they were in there. Hopefully this will end the ear infections!!

One more update.. Jacob went to the dr this month for this 9 month checkup. He is developing right on track (aka speed crawling, climbing and getting into every cabinet, drawer and light socket that he can). He is currently in the 50% percentile for weight and 75% for height. Next dr apt is in 3 months.. when he's 1 year old. How crazy is it that he's going to be 1?!?!