Saturday, December 19, 2009

So I've seriously been slacking on the updates and I apologize. It seems that so much has happened since the last post but when I try to sum it up it remains the same.. Jacob has had a rough few months. He just can't seem to kick the sickness. Matt and I came to the depressing conclusion last week that he has been to the doctor at least once (most of the time twice) a week since Sept 21st.
Since the last post he has experienced fevers, vomiting, cough, running nose and a rash. We have seen specialists on top of our pediatrician. The fevers, vomiting, runny nose and cough seem to be some type of virus that is hanging on. The dermatologist confirmed Jacob has three skin conditions. Eczema which I self-diagnosed a long time ago, dermatitis which was causing the rash, and another really long word that basically means pimples that are highly susceptible to a staph infection (no kidding!). We now have daily bleach-like soaks and special creams and lotions to avoid another abscess situation.
Poor little guy is a real trooper and most of the time you would never know he is sick. We have been very careful about where we let him go and who he is exposed to but it doesn't seem to be slowing the sick germs down. We are praying for a much healthier 2010!! Here's a few pictures of the times Jake did get to venture out!

Thanksgiving at Nonna's with Daddy and Great Grandpa Bayerl

Just a cute picture .. at home though. We got a new camera so this was a test shot. Gotta say I LOVE the new camera!

Uncle Ryan got to come home for 10 days!! This was his first night in town and Jacob was very excited, as you can tell!! Ryan is now stationed in Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base and we look forward to seeing him soon.

Since Uncle Ryan was in town Santa came early to the Close family so we could all celebrate together. Jacob got a wagon and LOVES it!! He would ride in circles all day if someone was willing to pull him.

Jacob crawling around like crazy.. He is taking up to 10 steps at a time now and is getting pretty darn good. Watch out!!

Jacob saw Santa in a nontraditional way this year. We were hesitant to take him to the malls or out to some of the outdoor events we were invited to because of his health. However, we happened to be grabbing a quick dinner at a Mexican restaurant by our house with Aunt Terri and Santa was there. We seized the opportunity and here is Jacob's first Santa picture - at least we will never forget where we were!

We are getting excited about Christmas next week. This year more than ever we are thankful for our friends, family and our health. Most of the time Jacob hasn't been able to go to our normal babysitter and we have relied on help from friends and family. We are so grateful for every one's help, support and prayers. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!